Snowshoes and Snow Cheetahs?

kmartin/ February 27, 2020/ Animals, Fire Building, Ice, Past Stories, Projects, Shelter, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hey Folks, We didn’t notice any super storm today, but we did discover new dens, plants and play! The hunt for the perfect slide was on our radar this morning and while we all had fun sliding through the trees others still feel like there is a hidden gem just waiting to be found and slid on. The powder gave us a great opportunity to build an awesome throne around

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A Song of Sun and Snow

Emily W/ February 24, 2020/ Animals, Birds, FSFNS Blog, Hiking, Past Stories, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Did you notice the “drip drip” of melting snow promising a balmy late winters day this morning? The sun was shining, and the snow was melting, revealing long lost treasures everywhere. We started our own treasure hunt, hiding pine cones for each other to find. Soon we were distracted by treasures that had been hiding in the snow for much longer! A red, roundish, heavy rock-like object was uncovered, which

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All about connections!

kmartin/ February 13, 2020/ Animals, Ecosystems, Insects, Past Stories, Wandering, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi Friends, We often find ourselves taking time to love ourselves and others, while our connection with nature tends to take the back burner. We wanted to focus on how we connect with nature and how nature connects with us. Taking time this morning with our tea we sat in our favourite spots and reflected on deeper questions. As we all know nature is pretty amazing and it works so

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Nature is amazing, once you get to know it!

kmartin/ January 31, 2020/ Animal Tracking, Animals, Art, Community, Fire Building, FSFNS Blog, Maple Syrup, Past Stories, Seeds, Shelter, Teamwork, Trees, Wandering, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi Friends, We had another great week full of new stories from all our students. We love watching how each day evolves and changes from one another. Between our core routines here are some of our favourite moments throughout our week. Snowshoeing – Our students have really gotten into the winter spirit and are excited to experience snowshoes, sometimes for the first time. We love pretending to climb huge mountains

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Imagination Play!

kmartin/ January 27, 2020/ Animals, FSFNS Blog, Hiking, Ice, Past Stories, Snow, Teamwork, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi Folks, As per usual another day flew by, just like a flock of Canadian Geese. This morning our students dove right into hunting our longest lasting imagination play – The “Wolf”. The children bunkered down into their fortress and guarded themselves with colourful TNT, binoculars to spot the “wolf” and magic pinecones. They have successfully trapped him, but who knows what will happen next week.. We spent our afternoon

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Squirrel chases and Chickadee cities

kmartin/ January 23, 2020/ Animal Tracking, Animals, Fire Building, Hiking, Past Stories, Quiet Mind, Seeds, Shelter, Sit Spot, Snow, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking in again today, and what a day we had! Our morning started out with a creative twist with U shaped tunnels, and burrows equipped with a tree roof. Our older students tried to defeat our chickadees this morning, but could not escape the sneaky attacks and were put into snow cave guarded by solders! To everyones surprised, they were all released by valiant leaders and

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Predator vs Prey

kmartin/ November 14, 2019/ Animal Tracking, Animals, Fall Fun, Fire Building, Hiking, Past Stories, Shelter, Survival, Teamwork, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi Friends, What kind of wild did you bring today? As Forest School Practitioners we like to think we bring the wild of the Coyote. The Coyote is a very cunning and sneaky animal, most times you don’t even know that they are there. You can find their tracks or scat, or hear their calls throughout the night. They are usually behind you-watching, or beside you guiding you in the

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Making friends with Birds

kmartin/ October 22, 2019/ Animal Tracking, Animals, Birds, Community, Fall Fun, FSFNS Blog, Past Stories, Teamwork/ 0 comments

Hi Friends, We had a special visitor come knocking at the schoolhouse today. We will give you three clues to guess who: 1. They could fly 2. They were persistently searching for something in the wood on the outside of the schoolhouse 3.  If they were in a band, they would be the drummer If you guessed a woodpecker, you are correct! After observing the busy worker with binoculars and

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Ready, Set..Imagination!

kmartin/ October 7, 2019/ Animals, Community, Fall Fun, FSFNS Blog, Past Stories, Projects, Seeds, Teamwork, Trees/ 0 comments

Hi Friends, This week our chickadees jumped right into action playing games, digging for treasures and discovering a hidden gem just outside our classroom – a chestnut tree! This brought so much interest from why does the seed pod have spikes?,  What’s inside?, What animals eat this and how do we open it up?  This gave our students the opportunity crack open their findings and take their seed home to

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You can find us in the forest!

kmartin/ September 26, 2019/ Animals, Community, Cooking, Fall Fun, Fire Building, Hiking, Insects, Teamwork, Wandering, Wasaga/ 0 comments

Hi Folks, Thanks for stopping by to read about another great day at Forest School, and we had such a mix of weather from heat, sun, rain, thunderstorm, lighting, chilly wind, hail and then back to sun, our students are getting used to what Fall is all about. This morning our students warmed up by our new fire pit (Thanks Jennie), and with some familiar games that kept us working

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