Welcome Back Chickadees!

Welcome Chickadee Family and Friends!

What an amazing day to welcome new and familiar faces back to Forest School, and our Chickadees didn’t waste anytime getting back into the swing of things. We had a busy morning filled with games, running, building, obstacle courses, a very talented band, and our returning students even helped with our morning fire!

Jumping into our core routines (opening circle, sit spots), our Chickadees were constantly  practicing their Deer ears (excelling listening), Owl eyes (excellent vision) and Fox feet (being super sneaky). These skills were used while we found an abundance of small creatures only found by those who believe in the magic of the woods! Some of the smaller friends we found were Caterpillars, Spiders, Worms, Fire Ants, A Preying-mantis and Grass Hoppers (great job to all of those who caught one, and showing us that their pee stains your hands РBut with a little hand sanitizer, cleaned right up!).

While bugs were the highlight of our day, mother nature provided moments for us to relax and learn about her other offerings, such as Plantain, Goldenrod and Walnut Seeds. Coming close to the end of our day we ended with an amazing and very skillful game of soccer.

We had a day full of laughing, adventure, exploring and first times, ¬†and we couldn’t have asked for a better group of chickadees to share our day with!

Thanks for stopping by,

Emily and Krista and the FNS Team.

Check out some pictures below to see how our day went!

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