Last Year’s Sunshine

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Hey Folks! We finished off our Winter Session with an awesome week full of fun! With the quick snow melt and warm weather, our little river is raging and constantly changing.  Students had so much fun in and around it this week from setting up dams that beavers would be envious of to carving out a course and getting out the tools to create boats for an epic race, and as

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Over the Snow and Through the Mud

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Over the remaining snowbanks and through the mud, to Maple Forest we went! The sap was dripping, the river was flowing, that earthy spring smell was in the air! Just as the plants are preparing for their spring emergence, our chickadees were highly energized (despite Sundays time change!). Maybe it was the full moon, or the winds of change blowing through the forest, whatever the reason they were ready for

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A Sweet, Sweet Week

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Hey Friends! We’ve officially entered our absolutely favourite “season” – I know, we say that every season, but it’s true – welcome to Maple Season! We are fortunate enough to have access to some old Maples and a sugar shack in Collingwood and spent the week picking out the perfect trees!  Each student go to claim their very own tree that they’ve  committed to taking care of from here on

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A snow ocean filled with fish

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Hey Folks, We were greeted this morning by a bunch of lovely birds hanging out in our Trembling Aspen trees, yet to identified, they did sound very peaceful and nice background music to our day. Our morning was engrossed with boats, submarines, oceans and hunting. But our students weren’t just hunting for any kind of fish, they were diving deep into the depths of the oceans, to the deepest darkest

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A Song of Sun and Snow

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Did you notice the “drip drip” of melting snow promising a balmy late winters day this morning? The sun was shining, and the snow was melting, revealing long lost treasures everywhere. We started our own treasure hunt, hiding pine cones for each other to find. Soon we were distracted by treasures that had been hiding in the snow for much longer! A red, roundish, heavy rock-like object was uncovered, which

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Minus Whatever…!

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From bluebird days to some of the coldest we’ve had this year, we saw it all this week.  And the one thing they all had in common?? Huge smiles at the end of the day. As one of our favourite songs to sing reminds us: “Ain’t it kinda funny, how a cold day keeps you warm.”  And the students found many creative and practical ways to embrace to cooler temps. 

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Collingwood Ninja Warrior Village

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Hey Folks, Who would of thought at the start of our day we would have created a whole new village? Our gratitude this week was the amazing packing snow that was given to us from the clouds last night and we took full advantage! Even pictures could not give this village justice. Tucked away in a little corner of the province of Bygone Days was a small village – but

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Epic Sagas, Bows and Arrows and Good Ol’ Fashioned Play.

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Hey Folks! We do a lot of things at FNS that encourage connection with Nature and no doubt a lot of it is based in play.   There are 16 different types of identified play – and for us play is something that is done for fun and not necessarily for any practical reason.  This week in particular we overwhelmingly noticed that our students came alive as they let there

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Sunshine and Wish Trees

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What a fine day for an adventure thought the Chickadees. The sun was beginning to peak out from behind the clouds and hints of blue were streaking through the sky. A trail of bird seed across the snow and teeny tracks scattering this way and that gave hints of earlier activities around the school house. Magnifying glasses and shovels were quickly scavenged from the schoolhouse to investigate the fresh morning

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Nature is amazing, once you get to know it!

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Hi Friends, We had another great week full of new stories from all our students. We love watching how each day evolves and changes from one another. Between our core routines here are some of our favourite moments throughout our week. Snowshoeing – Our students have really gotten into the winter spirit and are excited to experience snowshoes, sometimes for the first time. We love pretending to climb huge mountains

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