Explore, learn and connect with Nature while at home!

Though we are unable to meet person due to pandemic lockdowns , Nature Connection must continue and we hope that you finding fun ways to get outside and play!  Below, you’ll find some free compiled activities for you to print at home.  This is meant to take time, so go slow and try just one at a time. Use these as prompts on your own Nature Connection journey – kids and adults alike!

Looking for a longer term, ongoing project? Get your FSFNS Nature Connection Passport below.

Looking for daily/weekly activities? Try our FSFNS at Home series – print below!

FSFNS at home – Nature’s Oxymoron
FSFNS at home – Nature photo scavenger hunt
FSFNS at home – Looking and Listening for Life
FSFNS at home – Spring Flowers
FSFNS at home – Raccoon Touch
FSFNS at home – Forest School Bingo

FSFNS at home – Tuning into the Birds

Stay tuned for more to come!

It’s important to note that many of these are combined, wandering ideas from our experience in the field and not always totally original activities. 

We love to hear stories, so if you feel inclined to share, please email us as fsforestschool@gmail.com re: FSFNS at home.  Enjoy!