Adult Workshops

Nature-connected kids need Nature-connected adults and throughout the year we are excited to host these awesome opportunities!


Upcoming Workshops

Stay Tuned!

Winter workshops will be posted here soon - stay up-to-date on our social media!

Past Workshops

Sept 23rd - 1 -4 PM Collingwood

Sit by the fire and enter the timeless realms of mindlessness as we shave away the thoughts from our past/future and practice an embodied presence with steel and wood.

Oct 1st - 9 AM - 12 PM Meaford

A morning of exploration through a beautiful forest while learning about wild mushrooms and their uses!

Oct 14th - 1 - 4 PM Collingwood

Play with the natural fibers of plants during their Fall cycles, and reveal some of those tiny secrets that make such a big difference in starting a fire.

Oct 28th - 1 - 4 PM Collingwood

In the Fall, we follow the plants energy down to their roots. Come along on a foraging hike with a special focus on common roots.