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All money raised goes directly to supporting our Tuition Reduction and Bursary Programs


Looking to help support children connecting with Nature?  Consider becoming a business sponsor of FSFNS. By sponsoring our programs financially or in-kind, you will be giving back to our community and investing in its future at a level that matters deeply. Education is the basis for a thriving community, and our programs allow children to foster healthy connections and sustainability practices right here in Southern Georgian Bay.

The sponsorship of a single student can have a huge positive impact on a child’s life. Imagine learning by exploring, playing, getting muddy, and being outside all day? You can help make that happen for a child! In turn the benefits of our programs extend into their social life, and continue to grow in our community.  And there are some perks for you, too!  For more info, check it out here.


We are forever grateful to our private donors who have already changed the life of so many kids out there.  You can pay it forward for families and young people who see value in our programs.  Thank you in advance! Give the gift of Nature connection by emailing us at or clicking the donate link below!

Support Us