Winging It:
An intro to Birding

April 27th, 2024


Fly into the basics of birding with Debbie Buehler and a small group of other new birders like you!  Unravel the secrets of Bird ID, behaviour and habitats as we learn how to identify a variety of birds in the field.  We’ll go over the essentials, then head out on the land to explore.  Uncover the awesomeness that is the Spring Migration and deepen your connection to Nature in this immersive and experiential experience – with a little FSFNS twist. 

Bring your own binoculars and field guides or borrow some of ours!  It’s sure to be hoot!

Debbie Buehler is an ecologist, educator and research analyst. She holds a Bachelor of Education and a PhD in Animal Ecology. She has studied birds in Panama, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina), Mauritania, Europe, the USA and Canada (including the Arctic).