Maple Forest

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Hi Everyone, “I can see the river flowing, I can smell the sap boiling, I can feel the sun shining…drip, drip, drip”. What a fitting line in one of our new favourite songs shared among our students. We all came to find our river flowing this morning, welcoming ducks, seagulls and Canadian Geese to find food. We participated with boiling Maple Sap this afternoon, and smelled and tasted this sweet

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Collingwood Ninja Warrior Village

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Hey Folks, Who would of thought at the start of our day we would have created a whole new village? Our gratitude this week was the amazing packing snow that was given to us from the clouds last night and we took full advantage! Even pictures could not give this village justice. Tucked away in a little corner of the province of Bygone Days was a small village – but

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Nature is amazing, once you get to know it!

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Hi Friends, We had another great week full of new stories from all our students. We love watching how each day evolves and changes from one another. Between our core routines here are some of our favourite moments throughout our week. Snowshoeing – Our students have really gotten into the winter spirit and are excited to experience snowshoes, sometimes for the first time. We love pretending to climb huge mountains

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Welcome Back!

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Hi Friends, We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday and memorable new year. We were super excited to hear all about our students new stories and adventures they got up to on their break. This morning we welcomed new and familiar faces to our morning circle. Our students were also engrossed with our new forest and discoveries were all around us. We used our mighty strength and climbed up very

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Community Village

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Hi Friends, We had another awesome Thursday and what a way to end our journey together for 2019! Our students got right into their projects for the day and our mission? – to create a community village of Quinces called The Wolf Den. There was a total of 5 dens which were all different shapes and sizes and each student brought their own uniqueness to their creations. It was a

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Well…hello there Deer!

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Hi Friends, Welcome to the Wild Kids Deer Track National Geographic show, we hope you enjoy (video will be shown at the end of our blog). We love the snow! Why you may ask? It provides so much opportunity to create, build, track animals, keeps us warm among so much more! This week our students revisited our green coniferous trees and what they have to offer, such as medicine, shelter

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Snow Snow, stay and play!

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Hi Friends, Mother Nature sure did hand us a bag full of every type of weather this week, and we still loved every minute of it! Each day at Forest School always looks a little different and discoveries are always unfolding, but some things were consistent throughout our week – like how the snow makes sounds seem more dense, less birds and noise, our well known hikes have become more

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Hi Folks, I think we were all super surprised this morning when we saw so much of that white stuff! We can’t believe we almost forgot how beautiful it is. Our students had a beautiful moment at the start of our day  – venturing into the woods, we all found a quiet, personal space where we caught cotton ball size snow flakes with our tongue. It was so quite with

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Mysteries for days….

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Hi Friends, Another pretty awesome week we had, starting off with a pretty epic mud kitchen, some hard core obstacle course construction and our imagination even helped us become local farmers. With all the rain this morning, our students were lucky and discovered 3 rainbows. We pondered about rainbows and why they appear after a rain storm. We all came to the conclusion it was a beautiful sight to see

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Acorns and more…

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Hey Folks, Imagine being a baby squirrel and accidentally falling out of your drey (tree squirrel nest). Now imagine being an eagle flying over the forest and with your keen eye, you see an unprotected meal right for the taking? Our students looked at this scenario from both perspectives today and while some thought playing the squirrel was stressful others realized playing the predator was also tricky, and not as

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