Maple Forest

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Hi Everyone, “I can see the river flowing, I can smell the sap boiling, I can feel the sun shining…drip, drip, drip”. What a fitting line in one of our new favourite songs shared among our students. We all came to find our river flowing this morning, welcoming ducks, seagulls and Canadian Geese to find food. We participated with boiling Maple Sap this afternoon, and smelled and tasted this sweet

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Hey Everyone, This week we seemed to be followed all day by some of our smaller friends…birds! We hung our first bird feeder this morning and it only took mere minutes before the flock of birds came swooping around us. Some of our visitors were chickadees and white breasted nuthatches. We were so proud of all our little hands who stayed quiet and still while we had birds fly around

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A snow ocean filled with fish

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Hey Folks, We were greeted this morning by a bunch of lovely birds hanging out in our Trembling Aspen trees, yet to identified, they did sound very peaceful and nice background music to our day. Our morning was engrossed with boats, submarines, oceans and hunting. But our students weren’t just hunting for any kind of fish, they were diving deep into the depths of the oceans, to the deepest darkest

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A Song of Sun and Snow

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Did you notice the “drip drip” of melting snow promising a balmy late winters day this morning? The sun was shining, and the snow was melting, revealing long lost treasures everywhere. We started our own treasure hunt, hiding pine cones for each other to find. Soon we were distracted by treasures that had been hiding in the snow for much longer! A red, roundish, heavy rock-like object was uncovered, which

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Making friends with Birds

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Hi Friends, We had a special visitor come knocking at the schoolhouse today. We will give you three clues to guess who: 1. They could fly 2. They were persistently searching for something in the wood on the outside of the schoolhouse 3.  If they were in a band, they would be the drummer If you guessed a woodpecker, you are correct! After observing the busy worker with binoculars and

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Climbing, Paddling and Homemade Glue

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Hey Folks!  We’ve been busy playing outside. Here’s a recap of the last few weeks! Paddling We love exploring our extended backyard and our older students ventured off on a field trip to the Beaver River.  We had some amazing weather systems – both warm and wet! – that challenged us along the way.   We learned about water/river safety, paddling skills and most importantly had fun connecting with our

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Spring Fun (a lot of it!)

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Hey Folks! We’ve been busy enjoying the warmer temperatures and exciting changes that Spring brings!  Here’s a few of the highlights over the past weeks. Carving Tool-use is a big part of FNS, and with the warmer temps, we are seeing an increased interested in creating wood projects.  We love the creativity and the projects we see developing around the campfire during down time.  With only a couple months until

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Birds on the Brain!

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One of our favourite things about the Spring is all the bird action that happens around us.  We’ve been really focused on this lately as we try to tap into these messengers of the forest.  The abundance of song and chatter has helped our students practice “sneaking” through the woods by minimizing their disturbance  while growing their awareness.  It’s been great jumping into to animals forms and channeling the energy

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There’s a lot of noise in silence

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Hey Everyone, Our older groups this week geared up for their first field trip of the year – a paddle down the Beaver River.  Collectively, the groups paddled anywhere from the Epping put in to the Slabtown Dam.  The Fall colours were stunning and seemed to intensify as the week went on.  All groups learned basic canoe skills, with our older students having the chance to learn to stern –

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Tasty Treats and Hiking Trails

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Tuesday What a hot and beautiful day we had!  After our opening circle, we dove into (or rather quietly sat into) a sensory awareness activity that got us using all our senses.  After some games and further core routines, we headed out for a lunch out a Grape Valley. Students spent the day searching for critters in the water, building fairy communities, adding to their shelters and getting stuck in

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