The littlest birds (sing the prettiest songs)

Hey Everyone!

As what happens often at Forest and Nature School, our teacher plans were totally derailed right away with our Chickadees on Monday.  And it was a simple statement by one of our students that did it: “Hey, look at all the birds!”  and the tone of the day was set.

We spent some time just observing the birds, listening to their songs, and seeing how close we could get.  And then we just had to make some toilet paper roll binoculars to help us see them better! Which naturally led us to a bird hunt, though before we could leave, we had to get into the right mindset – of both bird and birders.  Students and teachers took turns being birds and trying to spot each other.  We practiced our sneaking and hiding to make sure we could capture the “birds” in their natural arm-flapping, squawking state.

And while playing this game, we came across a real bird’s nest in a maple tree!  We all agreed we were such lucky chickadees!  So we decided to take a few sample nests out of our Natural Museum, and got to compare the nests of robins, orioles and others.  They were all different, but had many similarities, and all of our students picked which one they would like to live in and told us why.

So finally it was time for our bird hunt! And off we were  – but along the way were so many other cool things! And though we noticed a few ducks, but inevitably the bird hunt was postponed, as students found other interests to pursue.  And that’s our favourite part as teachers – watching the play, discovery and stories unfold, usually in totally unexpected ways.

And all that was done before lunch!  In the afternoon, with the hot sunny day, we stayed close to home and dove into some really cool art projects and, of course, mud baking!

All in all, a great day!


Matt and Krista

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