A Sweet, Sweet Week

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Hey Friends! We’ve officially entered our absolutely favourite “season” – I know, we say that every season, but it’s true – welcome to Maple Season! We are fortunate enough to have access to some old Maples and a sugar shack in Collingwood and spent the week picking out the perfect trees!  Each student go to claim their very own tree that they’ve  committed to taking care of from here on

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The Meaford Forest News

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Welcome to our latest episode of “Meaford Forest News!” Thanks for tuning in. With temperatures hovering around the 0 degree mark, and the sun playing peek a boo with us from behind the clouds, it’s a great day to see what’s happening in the forest! Looks like there is a child hiding in the bushes over here, let’s go interview them. Oh wait! Now that I am closer I can

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Hey Everyone, This week we seemed to be followed all day by some of our smaller friends…birds! We hung our first bird feeder this morning and it only took mere minutes before the flock of birds came swooping around us. Some of our visitors were chickadees and white breasted nuthatches. We were so proud of all our little hands who stayed quiet and still while we had birds fly around

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A snow ocean filled with fish

kmartin/ March 2, 2020/ Birds, FSFNS Blog, Ice, Past Stories, Seeds, Snow, Teamwork, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hey Folks, We were greeted this morning by a bunch of lovely birds hanging out in our Trembling Aspen trees, yet to identified, they did sound very peaceful and nice background music to our day. Our morning was engrossed with boats, submarines, oceans and hunting. But our students weren’t just hunting for any kind of fish, they were diving deep into the depths of the oceans, to the deepest darkest

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Pancake Tuesday and Tinder Pouches!

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Hey Folks! With our brief stint of warm weather over the weekend, dreams of leaving Winter behind (don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Winter) and heading into our favourite season (MAPLE Season) were on our mind .  And while as the week progressed we were in for a wallop of snow, we celebrated Mardi Gras on Tuesday the best way we know how:  Pancakes made over the fire with the

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Snowshoes and Snow Cheetahs?

kmartin/ February 27, 2020/ Animals, Fire Building, Ice, Past Stories, Projects, Shelter, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hey Folks, We didn’t notice any super storm today, but we did discover new dens, plants and play! The hunt for the perfect slide was on our radar this morning and while we all had fun sliding through the trees others still feel like there is a hidden gem just waiting to be found and slid on. The powder gave us a great opportunity to build an awesome throne around

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Winter Survival (Memorial Park Edition!)

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As we sat in our sit spots this morning, we noticed that the snow began swirling and falling faster in the few moments that we spent quietly observing! To ensure we stayed warm, we played a lively round of dragon tails and gathered around the campfire to open our day together. By the time we headed back for snack at the Kin building, the clouds and snow were moving in

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A Song of Sun and Snow

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Did you notice the “drip drip” of melting snow promising a balmy late winters day this morning? The sun was shining, and the snow was melting, revealing long lost treasures everywhere. We started our own treasure hunt, hiding pine cones for each other to find. Soon we were distracted by treasures that had been hiding in the snow for much longer! A red, roundish, heavy rock-like object was uncovered, which

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Skating, Fishing and a Drey!

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Hey Friends of FNS! We had a fun week taking full advantage of the Winter Wonderland – from sunny bluebird days to amazing blizzards! Our ice rink on the pond was finally ready for some skating – and just in time before the temps rise.  The students worked hard to clear (and flood) the ice over the past few weeks and it culminated in some great times skating with friends,

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New paths create new memories

kmartin/ February 20, 2020/ Ice, Past Stories, Quiet Mind, Shelter, Sit Spot, Snow, Teamwork, Trees, Wandering, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hey Folks, There is nothing more joyful and pure than observing children in their natural environment and doing what children do best, which is to play! It’s pretty fascinating on how a child’s play start one way and seamlessly transition into something else, and then again and again. This morning our students discovered bum slide hill had turned into super fast slippy slide hill, where we inevitably had to prepare

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