Maple Forest Field Trip

Emily W/ March 13, 2020/ Maple Syrup, Meaford, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

This week we had the very special opportunity to travel to FNS site in Collingwood to visit the sugar bush. After enjoying our snack in the cozy tent, it was time to adventure out and explore a new forest. We came across some dwindling snow piles that provided the perfect canvas to play a lively round of Arctic Fox. Sneaking, hiding, running, jumping, the arctic critters made their way across

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The Meaford Forest News

Emily W/ March 6, 2020/ Meaford, Past Stories, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Welcome to our latest episode of “Meaford Forest News!” Thanks for tuning in. With temperatures hovering around the 0 degree mark, and the sun playing peek a boo with us from behind the clouds, it’s a great day to see what’s happening in the forest! Looks like there is a child hiding in the bushes over here, let’s go interview them. Oh wait! Now that I am closer I can

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Winter Survival (Memorial Park Edition!)

Emily W/ February 26, 2020/ Meaford, Past Stories, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

As we sat in our sit spots this morning, we noticed that the snow began swirling and falling faster in the few moments that we spent quietly observing! To ensure we stayed warm, we played a lively round of dragon tails and gathered around the campfire to open our day together. By the time we headed back for snack at the Kin building, the clouds and snow were moving in

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Letter from a Crow

Emily W/ February 12, 2020/ Meaford, Past Stories, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hello Forest School Friends, It was so nice to meet you today. I had a wonderful time flying around the blue skies following you on your adventures. It looked like you had a lot of fun making slides on the hill and scrambling back up to the top. I stayed on top of the light post because, to be honest, I was too scared to slide down the hill-you are

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Play Days

Emily W/ February 5, 2020/ Meaford, Past Stories, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Check out the action shots from today! Pizza cooked over the fire, hill sliding, jumping, running, hiding-it may look like all we do is play but there is important work going on in all this fun. Children have the opportunity to practise their communication skills when they want to make it to the top of the rock, but need a hand. In turn teamwork comes into play as they help

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The January Magic of Meaford

Emily W/ January 25, 2020/ FSFNS Blog, Meaford, Past Stories/ 0 comments

It has been an action packed few weeks Forest and Nature School in Meaford! This past week we were snowshoeing all over the park. It was such an exciting activity that a few students even left their boots in the snowshoes over lunchtime, to ensure a speedy return to the snow! We enjoyed cedar tea around the campfire together and were visited by a woodpecker. As a group we sat

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Memorial Park or Narnia?

Emily W/ December 11, 2019/ Meaford, Past Stories/ 0 comments

As we wandered through the woods today, it was as if we had crawled through our wardrobes and entered the world of Narnia run by the snow queen. All of the trees were covered in a fresh blanket of white and the snow fell thickly around us. It was falling so quickly that the we made tracks made not five minutes before were almost completely indistinguishable ! It made it

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Songs of the Forest

Emily W/ December 6, 2019/ Meaford, Past Stories/ 0 comments

Mother nature greeted us with wintery weather this week at Memorial Park.  As we sat in our sit spots in the forest, snow lightly fell around us, and it was so silent we could almost hear it pattering onto the ground. In the distance the waves could be softly heard lapping at the shore, and a few birds chimed in to create a peaceful forest song. Our imaginations came alive

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Rain Rain, don’t go away!

Emily W/ November 30, 2019/ Meaford, Past Stories/ 0 comments

Rain rain, don’t go away, and definitely come again another day! The students embraced the rain with open arms in Meaford this week. With all the snow gone it was as though we were exploring a completely new forest! A small river formed from the melt water and rain, which provided lots of opportunity for digging, exploring and damming it  up.  Some small waterfalls were discovered and we dug some

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Tracks in the Snow

fsforestschool/ November 25, 2019/ Meaford, Past Stories/ 0 comments

Tracks in the snow Oh where do you go? Sometimes you disappear up a tree Or get lost in the leaves Tracks in snow Oh what do you know? Are you tracking down prey, Or running to hide away? Tracks in the snow What do you have to show? The dance of the wild forest, Often unfolding unbeknownst to us Tracks in the snow, Thank you for helping us grow,

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