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It’s been another awesome few weeks at our Meaford Forest School! We’ve been enjoying our time exploring in our forest – plenty of imaginative and recapulative play. Students always enjoy taking on the roles of various hunter and gathers, climbing trees, hiding in our shelters, and moving around like all sorts of forest creatures! We have spent a lot of time in the woods lately; becoming stewards of the land and really taking time to slow down and just be in nature – no matter the weather! We have been really appreciative of the little robins tending to their babies! It’s really amazing to be nearby and watch the magic! We’ve built an instant connection to birds through this experience (and not just because we’re fascinated with worms)! It’s opened our eyes to all sorts of birds in our neighborhood – like the bright warblers dancing in the trees!

But that’s not all! Spring is such a great time to learn about ethically harvesting and gathering some delicious wild edibles! This week, we really enjoyed spreading our previously made wildcraft violet jelly with our fire-roasted bannock! It was an awesome way to cap off another special week together! And if I’m honest, a slightly bigger hit than the garlic mustard pesto we made the week prior!Thanks again for following along in our nature journey!


More Pics Below!

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  1. Jim Dawson says:

    We need to provide more opportunities like this for kids. Learning outdoors will provide them with a better understanding of the importance of our natural environment

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