Climbing Trees, Chasing Chickens and Cooking Potatoes!

She’s back! Our mama robin that is! We were so happy to notice her this morning and couldn’t help but check on her nest… three more bright blue eggs to hatch in the coming weeks! We love gaining her trust and sitting close to observe her care for her eggs. It’s an awesome way to quiet our minds and connect to the birds. We tend to notice them more throughout the day after we make this small connection.

Some especially fun things that we appreciated this week were holding baby chicks (!!), playing on new tree swings, climbing trees in the forest (and enjoying the fresh tree canopy to protect us from the rainfall), and perhaps the tastiest of all… baking over the fire! Students loved dicing potatoes, chopping leeks, measuring oil and best of all… cooking it over a fire they made! They loved being involved in the prep work and I think that helps make it taste even better too!

I’m sure they’ll love to share this special dish with you too!
Thanks again for a great week!

More Pictures:

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