Springing into Fun!

Hey folks!
It’s been a little while since the last post and there’s plenty to reflect on! We have been having all sorts of fun spending our days outdoors.
To no surprise, students absolutely love mud! And with our mud kitchen in full effect, there’s no end to it! Whether we are stomping our boots, measuring globs, mixing and serving up various mud treats, or enjoying exfoliating hand spa treatments, the creativity is contagious! The basics for a mud kitchen: a few bowls, pots, spatulas, plenty of mud, but most importantly, some kids keen to get messy and dive in! There must be a correlation between the degree of fun someone has and the amount of laundry afterwards. Thanks families for understanding that play (especially muddy play!) is synonymous with learning and an integral part of our program! This hands-on experience teaches us so much!
We have made some pretty significant transformations in our forested space these past few weeks. There are plenty of new shelters (debris and lean-to) and special trees and sit spots that the students enjoy and tend to. We happily care for this new-to-us space and always try to leave it better than we’ve found it. That means treading lightly on the land, and picking up more than our share of rubbish.
One student reminded us a few weeks back that “the forest has the absolute best air ever. You can even feel it!”   And last week we were able to taste it too! Students are learning about some wild edibles, including our current favourite trail snack…. Trout lilies! I wonder what magic we will discover this week?
With the heavy rain last week, our students are becoming seasoned forest school kiddos. Many of them declared rain days to be their favourite… mostly because there are so many more worms!
Many thanks to you for reading and believing in the importance of nature-connection for kids!
Happy Trails!
Kim and the FNS Team

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