Back to the Forest!

Welcome Meaford family and friends!

Blue skies welcomed us to Memorial Park today, where old and new faces had the opportunity to explore the park together. While the playground adjacent to the school building offered a fun opportunity to begin building peer relations in the early morning, it was the forest that offered up it’s true magic to us today. On our wanders we happened upon countless bugs, lush moss, a salamander, toads, and many plants that sparked lively conversations. The trails offered us room to run and the trees a place for practicing some quiet reflection. Filling in some special spots on our map helped us feel oriented in the new location. Travis helped us get into sit spot mindfulness with a story, but alas a snake discovery proved very distracting! There were lots of laughs and “wows” as we eased back into the flow of a forest school day. Forts in the woods and the critter discoveries were brought up by many as highlights at the end of the day. We are looking forward to what the forest will teach us next week. In the meantime, be sure to ask about beach glass, how to skip a rock and the best place to find salamanders.


Emily and Travis

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