Welcome to the Tuesday Chickadee group friends and family!

Had you been anywhere near Bygone Days you would have heard us calling enthusiastically to one another “chicka-dee-dee-dee!” all day long. We worked on our quiet fox feet as well, to make sure that we don’t surprise all the critters before we get a chance to observe them.
Discovering our mutual love for frogs, we headed to the pond to search for some. We met the Painted Turtles group there and helped them work on a frog sanctuary, and fine tuned our magnifying glass skills with some interesting fungi found on a log.

As the sun moved across the sky we headed to Maple Forest, with a special mission to create some nests for our new found “eggs” (golf balls). The chickadees keenly took on a caring roll for their egg, and we came up with a game where each chickadee built a nest to camouflage their egg from the “weasel”. One egg was camouflaged so well it is still in the forest!

The laughs were rolling and the questions were flowing, it was a great day to be a Chickadee! I am looking forward to the new discoveries we will have next Tuesday in the forest!


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