And we’re back!

Hey Folks!

A big welcome to all our new families, and welcome back to our old friends at FSFNS this year!  It’s hard to believe how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown since day one, and as we enter our 5th year as a school we are more excited than ever!  At the end of each week we’ll have a post up about some of the highlights from our Painted Turtle and Snowy Owl programs.  Follow along all year, and without further ado, here we go.

We had a great week with all our students connecting with the land, ourselves and each other and really starting to get to know the area.  For some of our students, it was a chance to notice many changes and reconnect with old favourite places.   For others, it was an opportunity to discover and explore pieces of  our wonderful space.  Our days were filled with getting to know one another and reminiscing – and of course fires, hikes, play, imaginations running wild, storytelling, nature breaks, bugs (especially caterpillars!), wild edibles and plants, music, fishing and so much more.

Given our approach to education, our days varied immensely with each day unfolding the way it needed to, given the interests and emergent opportunities.  From fires to fishing, caterpillars to toads literally everywhere, thunderstorms to hot sunny days, we took the time to just settle in this week and get familiar with some of our core routines and our new community. We look forward to uncovering all there is to see and learn this year!


Matt, Krista and Emily

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