A New Beginning…

Hi Folks!

What a great kick off to our Meaford Program! We spent these beautiful days becoming familiar with the lay of the land and getting to know our new group of friends. We have already established a wonderful, fun loving sense of community, who are keen on spending entire days outside learning from (and in!) nature.

What better way to dive into it, than jumping in puddles, making mud treats, jumping over and under logs, and climbing up trees. All hands were in deck as we collected sap from our maple trees and began boiling it down into syrup. But better yet was the sweet reward of drinking it straight from the source! We were feeling very grateful for our tree friends and all that they provide for us!
We tapped into our animal forms by sneaking into new forested territory and building shelters, fairy villages and much, much more!
We are really grateful to be able to spend our days outdoors together! What an awesome way to start off our Spring!
Thanks for reading along. There are more pictures posted below.

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