Maple Forest

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Hi Everyone, “I can see the river flowing, I can smell the sap boiling, I can feel the sun shining…drip, drip, drip”. What a fitting line in one of our new favourite songs shared among our students. We all came to find our river flowing this morning, welcoming ducks, seagulls and Canadian Geese to find food. We participated with boiling Maple Sap this afternoon, and smelled and tasted this sweet

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Hey Everyone, This week we seemed to be followed all day by some of our smaller friends…birds! We hung our first bird feeder this morning and it only took mere minutes before the flock of birds came swooping around us. Some of our visitors were chickadees and white breasted nuthatches. We were so proud of all our little hands who stayed quiet and still while we had birds fly around

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A snow ocean filled with fish

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Hey Folks, We were greeted this morning by a bunch of lovely birds hanging out in our Trembling Aspen trees, yet to identified, they did sound very peaceful and nice background music to our day. Our morning was engrossed with boats, submarines, oceans and hunting. But our students weren’t just hunting for any kind of fish, they were diving deep into the depths of the oceans, to the deepest darkest

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New paths create new memories

kmartin/ February 20, 2020/ Ice, Past Stories, Quiet Mind, Shelter, Sit Spot, Snow, Teamwork, Trees, Wandering, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hey Folks, There is nothing more joyful and pure than observing children in their natural environment and doing what children do best, which is to play! It’s pretty fascinating on how a child’s play start one way and seamlessly transition into something else, and then again and again. This morning our students discovered bum slide hill had turned into super fast slippy slide hill, where we inevitably had to prepare

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Collingwood Ninja Warrior Village

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Hey Folks, Who would of thought at the start of our day we would have created a whole new village? Our gratitude this week was the amazing packing snow that was given to us from the clouds last night and we took full advantage! Even pictures could not give this village justice. Tucked away in a little corner of the province of Bygone Days was a small village – but

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To play, or not to play……Um PLAY!

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Hey Folks, As the clouds stuck around this morning, we were welcomed into the forest by some Downy Woodpeckers, White Breasted Nuthatches and the common Goldeneye Ducks. While some students took time to draw, others jumped right into their play. We challenged our Chickadees to start our morning fire, and they went above and beyond! They all collected Birch Bark, hunted for sticks and even created the SPARK! Great Job.

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Nature is amazing, once you get to know it!

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Hi Friends, We had another great week full of new stories from all our students. We love watching how each day evolves and changes from one another. Between our core routines here are some of our favourite moments throughout our week. Snowshoeing – Our students have really gotten into the winter spirit and are excited to experience snowshoes, sometimes for the first time. We love pretending to climb huge mountains

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Maple Taffy and Pine Sap

kmartin/ January 30, 2020/ Animal Tracking, Fire Building, Hiking, Maple Syrup, Past Stories, Snow, Teamwork, Trees, Wandering, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi Folks, This morning as we wandered and explored we had a flurry of action and evidence of critters such as tracks, scat and finally spotting them within the trees. We revisted our nature ice art and were in awe at our findings, which also brought back memories of our items. Such creative students we have!   As we discovered and played games within the forest today, some of our

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Imagination Play!

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Hi Folks, As per usual another day flew by, just like a flock of Canadian Geese. This morning our students dove right into hunting our longest lasting imagination play – The “Wolf”. The children bunkered down into their fortress and guarded themselves with colourful TNT, binoculars to spot the “wolf” and magic pinecones. They have successfully trapped him, but who knows what will happen next week.. We spent our afternoon

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Welcome Back!

kmartin/ January 9, 2020/ Animal Tracking, Community, Fire Building, Hiking, Ice, Past Stories, Teamwork, Trees, Wasaga, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Hi Friends, We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday and memorable new year. We were super excited to hear all about our students new stories and adventures they got up to on their break. This morning we welcomed new and familiar faces to our morning circle. Our students were also engrossed with our new forest and discoveries were all around us. We used our mighty strength and climbed up very

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