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Hi Folks,

Each week we challenge our students to discover something new that is within our woodland, and this week was no different. While some of our students used their wonderful imagination this morning – playing Wolf pack – which consisted of territories, predators, cubs, stalking and of course nap time, our other students really dived into their creative side and created a Forest School Wooly Bear Sanctuary, which consisted of 17 wooly bears, and banded tussock moth and a Brown Hooded Owlet. Now we do not normally like to take creatures out of their natural habitat, but we like to let everyone know that all caterpillars were returned back to their natural habitat unharmed.

While our chickadees took on the role of a chipmunk or squirrel, we started collecting different types of food (acorns, leaves and chestnuts). We then built a very special “cupboards” made from natural objects in different spots around our outdoor classroom, our goal is to check back next week to see if the food we left will still be there! Our afternoon looked a bit different for our older forest schoolers – building forts, exploring the woods and continuing to build relationships with each other. We love giving our students the time to reflect back on the day, and with another great day all round we feel very grateful for all our students who come and let us spend the day with them!

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Krista and Travis

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