Acorns and more…

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Hey Folks, Imagine being a baby squirrel and accidentally falling out of your drey (tree squirrel nest). Now imagine being an eagle flying over the forest and with your keen eye, you see an unprotected meal right for the taking? Our students looked at this scenario from both perspectives today and while some thought playing the squirrel was stressful others realized playing the predator was also tricky, and not as

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Natures Colour Wheel

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Hi Friends! We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we were excited to hear all about your child’s long weekend stories! Our question of the day was: What have you noticed in our environment? And we love hearing the answers because they always vary so much. Ranging from the colours of the leaves, no birds or sun in the sky, that it feels colder, or that they didn’t see

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Rain?…What Rain??

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Hi Friends, This week we welcomed the rain, and while some of us may stay inside to stay dry, our students embraced the rain and discovered our soil ecosystem, which was full of life! We even learned a  new song called Young and Wild – ask your child to sing it for you! While some of our students started their day playing rain hockey/rain soccer, some were working on their

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Climbing, Paddling and Homemade Glue

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Hey Folks!  We’ve been busy playing outside. Here’s a recap of the last few weeks! Paddling We love exploring our extended backyard and our older students ventured off on a field trip to the Beaver River.  We had some amazing weather systems – both warm and wet! – that challenged us along the way.   We learned about water/river safety, paddling skills and most importantly had fun connecting with our

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Spring Fun (a lot of it!)

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Hey Folks! We’ve been busy enjoying the warmer temperatures and exciting changes that Spring brings!  Here’s a few of the highlights over the past weeks. Carving Tool-use is a big part of FNS, and with the warmer temps, we are seeing an increased interested in creating wood projects.  We love the creativity and the projects we see developing around the campfire during down time.  With only a couple months until

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A stir-fry and damselflies.

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Hey Folks, We got up to a lot of different adventures this week, check out the recap below. Tuesday As we explored our senses by taking away sight in a few  games throughout the day, we gained a better understanding of how animals survive in the wild. We also sang our hearts out on Tuesday and even wrote our very own song – which rippled its way through the whole

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Tasty Treats and Hiking Trails

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Tuesday What a hot and beautiful day we had!  After our opening circle, we dove into (or rather quietly sat into) a sensory awareness activity that got us using all our senses.  After some games and further core routines, we headed out for a lunch out a Grape Valley. Students spent the day searching for critters in the water, building fairy communities, adding to their shelters and getting stuck in

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May the Forest be with you.

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Hey Folks! Worms and insects are out.  Turtles and Frogs are sunbathing.  Birds are singing and making nests.  Spring is here and here’s the recap of our week, enjoy! Tuesday With emergent interests at the forefront, we were a little all over the place on Tuesday with an overarching theme of Spring – though it felt more like Summer! We began our day with some of our core routines and

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Turtles, Chickens and Giant Slingshots

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Hey Everyone, We welcomed the warm weather and (mostly) sunshine with open arms this week at FNS!  The birds were quite active, insects were out and about, turtles and frogs were sunning, flowers and grasses were growing – Spring is here.   Check out the recap below. Tuesday After some of our core routines, we dove into our full values contract.  If you are unfamiliar with this, essentially we brainstorm

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Disc Golf and Salamanders

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Hey Everyone, Field Trip! And what a fun one we had. Have you ever played golf? Or thrown a Frisbee?  Well, we combined the two target games for a day of Disc Golf at Duntroon Highlands Nordic Centre.   They have a newly developed disc golf course on their fabulous 100 acre site.  For more information and your chance to play on your own, check out the Disc Course Association here.

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