Climbing, Paddling and Homemade Glue

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Hey Folks!  We’ve been busy playing outside. Here’s a recap of the last few weeks! Paddling We love exploring our extended backyard and our older students ventured off on a field trip to the Beaver River.  We had some amazing weather systems – both warm and wet! – that challenged us along the way.   We learned about water/river safety, paddling skills and most importantly had fun connecting with our

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There’s a lot of noise in silence

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Hey Everyone, Our older groups this week geared up for their first field trip of the year – a paddle down the Beaver River.  Collectively, the groups paddled anywhere from the Epping put in to the Slabtown Dam.  The Fall colours were stunning and seemed to intensify as the week went on.  All groups learned basic canoe skills, with our older students having the chance to learn to stern –

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Whirlpools and Waddling, Paddling and Pedaling

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Hey Folks! We had an awesome last few weeks of Forest School full of excitement and adventure! Here are some the highlights below, and scroll all the way down to check out the pics.  Thanks for the amazing year and see you in September! Mountain Biking We’ve got a ton of newly built trails at Forest School for Mountian Biking, so took advantage of this with a couple of our

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Rockin’ with Bass and cheering on Salmon

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Hey Everyone! “It’s so… refreshing… just being in a canoe.” said one of our students while we were paddling on the Big Pond this week.  And we couldn’t agree more!  Our days were all about fish, fishing and paddling this week, but were very different from one another. So we’ll break it down by day.  Scroll down to the bottom for more pics! Tuesday After our core routines, we started

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Row, row, row your boat!

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Hi Friends, This week we welcomed Collingwood’s Forest School students  to join us on our adventure down one of our favourite rivers – the Beaver River. Sadly, no actual beavers were spotted today. However, we would like to send out  a huge thank-you to Brian – our local plant ID expert, for showing the students some wild edibles this morning. Our students had the chance to eat black lochs flowers

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I can’t think of any boat puns. Canoe?

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Hi Folks, This week Kim and I were away for the Wednesday group as we were on paddling trips with our other school (hence why this post is late), so this post will focus on what happened on Tuesday.  Luckily, our Wednesday group was paired up with our Thornbury School and a blog post about their day can be found here.  A big thanks to Jen and Neal for stepping

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Having a Blast on the Beaver River!

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Hello again! Today was a day was full of discovery, learning new skills, team building exercises and an abundance of wildlife to see.  This included; birds, turtles, fish, crayfish, beavers, frogs, cows and Canadian Geese. We were pleased to welcome our Collingwood Forest School for the paddling day as they were going to join us. Our adventure started just outside Epping where we headed out to a location called Flower

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Hey Folks, We had the great opportunity to explore off property this week with a trip down the Beaver river.  Though we had two drastically different weather days, the result was the same: lots of laughs and some new hard skills.  We were treated to an abundance of wildlife – birds galore, fish, so many frogs we lost count, and of course bugs – as the students navigated their way

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