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We had another fun week at Forest School, with two unique days unfolding.  We’ll start with the similarities.

Our focus this week was on seeds and plants, so we spent a bit of time in the classroom.  In a nutshell, the students learned and recorded the life cycle of a plant (sunflower) in their journals, reviewed what plants need to survive and then dissected a soaked bean to reveal the baby plant inside.  Afterwards, the students enjoyed a newly invented macro-model called “Plant Me!”, where they were able to apply their learning in an engaging outdoor activity. In the afternoon, we planted and labelled our very own seeds – 4 each in total – in egg cartons.  Once these seeds sprout, they can be moved into bigger pots without removing them from the egg cartons (if you need a bigger pot, let us know! We have a bunch to share).


We had the opportunity to visit the Collingwood Library to take part in their educational “Seed” Library.  We took some seeds now, with the intention of returning more seeds in the fall when we harvest them.  This project is a great initiative set up by the folks at Transition Collingwood and the Public Library, and not only reinforces plant life-cycle principles, but also a sense of community, sharing and giving back. What a great way to empower local seed savers and develop our seed literacy!


The saga of Blueberry the bunny continued this week when, on arrival, we were greeted by the fox and her pups playing around the schoolhouse.  The students jumped into their LNT learning last week (respect wildlife) and observed from afar. Such a pertinent experience for our students and a great testament to the power of learning in an outdoor environment.

Later on in the morning, Shannon, another teacher with the Forest School, came by and the students were more than excited to show her all of their favourite places. So map in hand, we went on a big hike to explore the property.

Both groups ended the day with a bonfire.  Lots of stories were told, as well as creative songs with music (ukulele, shakers, nature drums) and dance, and improvised dramatic stories.  We even had a treat to go along with the entertainment – some popcorn popped over the fire.

We gave out some more beads this week.  1 craft bead for a “cat’s eye”, storytelling beads and 1 journalling bead.  Congrats!

Next week we are on an all-day outing to go caving! It’ll be cold and dirty in there so please dress your child appropriately – including gloves!


Matt and Kim



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  1. sandi Simpson says:

    What a great learning opportunity for your kids! Love the school classroom both the indoor and outdoor ones!

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