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Our Forest School day this week was spent on our first all day outing.  Early in the morning, we loaded up the van and headed out to Metcalfe Rock, in the Kolapore Uplands.  This beautiful area in our own backyard runs along the Bruce Trail and smack dab in the middle of the Niagara Escarpment. Our main purpose today: Caving.

Students geared up in harnesses, buckled up their helmets and strapped on their headlamps, eager to begin exploring.  After quick LNT lessons from the students, and safety lessons from teachers, we dove (or rather crawled, contorted, slid) right into the crevice caves.  Students’ comfort levels varied, but everyone put on a brave face and pushed their limits just out of their comfort zones.  Some of the students were absolutely fearless and even made it all the way to the deep dark depths of the Bat Cave!

Afterwards, we got to enjoy and explore this wonderful area (protected by UNESCO).  The kids were even able to hug the unique “braided-root” tree, a living ancient white cedar around 1000 years old!  They also built shelters (Wed), had marshmallows on the fire (Thurs), played games and drank the “best tasting water ever” from the natural spring.

Wednesday was especially fun this week because we were joined by Shannon from our sister school and her Red Tailed Hawks for all the fun – a big thanks to everyone in your crew Shannon!  On the same day, we even had a professional movie maker come out to make a promotional video.  We’ll put the link up here when it is ready.

Thursday we also had a photographer out with us taking promotional pictures.  We’ll add the photos here when they arrive.

Both groups also set up new geocaches on-site.  Their coordinates will soon be up on, known as ForestSchool1 and ForestSchool2 (for now you can find them at 1. N44 29.365 W080 15.436 and 2. N44 29.401 W080 15.364).  You can try and find them with your kids! Don’t have a GPS?  Download the app and find them with your phone!

That’s all for now! Happy Mother Earth Day!

Kim and Matt


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