Celebrating Good Times

Hey Folks!

We had a busy last couple weeks, but here’s a quick recap of all the fun!


These littler folks (Ages 4-5) have been up to a bunch of wild adventures over the past season.  Don’t let their smaller size fool you, they hike forever and can be hard to keep with, even for the teachers!  From mud kitchens, to epic forts in “the Fort” (our student-built sanctuary) to fairy hunts and bird watching, there’s no stop to all the fun.  Of special note over the past couple weeks, the Chickadees tried out canoeing on the big pond!  For some of them it was the first time ever and they rocked it.  We caught frogs and turtles along the way, and had so much fun the first time, we did it all over again the following week!  Our Friday group also had the chance to use the Imagination Station (loose parts) courtesy Healthy Kids Community Challenge – a bug thanks to them!   And another special thanks to our Blue Heron (leader-in-training), Claire, who helped us out so much over the year!

Trading Blanket

Parents of older students have no doubt heard all about this year’s trading blanket!  So many amazing and spectacular items were created and found for the end of the year’s tradition.   We had spoons, bowls, baskets, skulls, fire kits, spears, sculptures, animal teeth, carver objects, bow and arrows, plants, lilac sugar, homemade creams, maple syrup, artwork and so much more.  We were inspired by the creativity we saw, and our Thursday students even wrote a new song to commemorate the ceremony!

A moment to look back

As we wrapped up the year, we took some time to remember all the wonderful (and challenging!) things we did over the year.  We did this by creating individual flags with pictures, words, timelines, maps and more on them.  We shared our favourite memories and then used natural tie-dyes to make the flags even more colourful.  In the end, they were hung on ropes in Mysterious Forest like prayer flags full of our group memories that will hang there and be weathered for long time to come.


It just wouldn’t be the week of Summer Solstice without our annual dip in the pond!  Students braved the cool (and seaweedy!) waters to mark the occasion and had blast swimming, paddleboarding and jumping of the giant lily pad!

A moment of Gratitude

Finally, we just wanted to say a big old Thanks to you, our FNS community.  We can’t do what we do without your support.  Thanks for trusting us with your most valuable beings.  We’ve seen a lot of growth  over the past year – both in the students and ourselves too!

We are excited about the growth of our programming too. This year saw an expansion of programming, Snowy Owl Overnight trip, our new Meaford program, and much more! We look forward to new endeavours and adventures come the Fall (including our Wasaga Beach expansion at Blueberry Trails and our new Saplings program!)

We hope to see you over the Summer, but if not have a great one and spend as much time as you can outside, quieting your mind and listening for the birds.

Matt, Kim and Krista

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