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Hey Folks!

What do you do when your brother is moving and delivers you a trailer full of good, usable wood?  Well, it turns out the answer is a lot!  Students imaginations ran wild this week as we set them loose (so to speak – tool-use is an integral part at FNS, but we do have guidelines!) and their creations came to life.  We had gardens built, benches, boats (both small and kid size), docks, tables and much more.  Epic wooden forts were created; hammers, butter knives and figurines were carved; and even a bat box was built and hung up in Maple Forest.

As the days unfolded, our students shifted their focus to community building, and more specifically figuring out what could be built or created to better our time at Forest School.  Some students remade our main fire pit to include cardinal directions (and a new fire pit in Mysterious Forest).  Others uncovered the need of a new bridge in Maple Forest and were fast to work.  One student even recognized the need to clean up our river after the big rains and all the trash that had been swept down it.   There’s more stories along the same lines, but the point is that we are seeing one of our key “indicators of awareness” coming into play:  service to the community.   It’s one way our students show us they understand that they are an important part of a greater community, and they are wanting to support one another.  It’s a great feeling on our end!

As usual, throw in our core routines to the mix, some play, some adventure, some mud, some rain, some sun,  some hammock time, some ukulele and new songs, and a delicious Wild Violet Jelly (recipe to follow soon!) and call it a week well spent!

A big shout out to our PA Day program – we had a blast exploring and discovering with you!

Kim, Matt, Michelle and Krista

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