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Hey Folks,

It’s been awhile since our last post and we’ve been up to so many adventures!  It’s hard to sum up (and remember everything – we have go to keep up on this blog!).  From expanding our knowledge on wild edibles, hiking new trails and rock climbing, we have been super busy!

All of our older classes have now had the chance to visit one of our favourite places – Metcalfe Rock.  This gem, located in the Kolopore Uplands, is a magical place to explore, play and uncover new things.   We certainly pushed our limits rock climbing up the Escarpment – and many of us for the very first time.  We are so proud of our students for stepping beyond their comfort zones and trying something new!

Our students are also getting really good at identifying wild edible plants.  We have had some more real tasty stir fries (including our favourite – leek and asparagus!) and garlic mustard pesto sauces.  We were even able to find some morels!

As the spring unfolds we also see our pond coming alive, too.  And with the warm weather we’ve caught many frogs and turtles, and other little critters.  It’s been cool catching dragonfly and damselfly nymphs, then connecting with them again as they are out flying around now, eating those unwanted bugs.  We are also watching tadpoles grow bigger, birds make nests and have their babies, and bigger mammals (like our neighbour the groundhog) go about their day.  It’s this repetitive connection with place that is so important – and so interesting! It’s allowed us the opportunity to see and feel connected to the changes this spring.  It’s been quite a treat to see and engage with all of this awesome creation and we know there is more to come!

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Matt and Krista

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