McBugs and Monkey Traps

Hey Folks,

After our opening circle, and a sweet dance party to start off the day, we put our adventure caps on and tested our bear-hunt skills as we twirled, growled, hopped and stomped our way through a maze.  And we were off on the hunt, along the way being sidetracked (as normal!) from the hunt itself and jumping into lots of creative and fun play.  Students opened up a clay store, a McDonalds drive thru (featuring the “McBug”), cooked elaborate meals and even made some “chili” (sumac, garlic mustard and mud).  They were lost in their imaginative play for quite some time, letting the teachers in every so often with a taste test here, and a “hey check this out” over there.  It’s some of our favourite moments!

During our picnic lunch we read some parts of Curious George, which naturally led to setting up a pulley trap (with a banana peel in it) and trying to catch him.  After hauling it up and letting it drop countless times, we finally tied it up and were able to catch him!

Meanwhile, we also checked in on the mailbox and had received a letter from the Grape Valley Fairies.  It thanked us for all the hard work we put in last week rebuilding their village and they gave us a special gift – honourary fairy names!  So we wrote these names down on wood cookies and painted some sticks to create a windchime to take home so all fairies in the world knew we were friends!

And that’s our magical day!

Reminder – next week is a holiday so no Forest School! Enjoy the Sunshine!

Matt and Krista

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