Bubbles, Hikes and an Unexpected Letter

Hey Everyone,

We had a sunny day at FNS today and what better way to start than with giant bubbles (and they seriously could’ve done this all day)!  But alas, when we checked our mailbox, a special letter had arrived from Queen Sadie of the Fairies of Grape Valley.  They needed our help – after that huge winter storm just a few weeks ago (crazy eh?!), their homes and village had been destroyed and they needed us to lend a hand to rebuild.  They gave us a map marked with red stars that showed us where to find special materials along the way and we were off.  After arriving, students were busy at work creating homes, docks, restaurants, roadways and even helicopter landing pads for the fairies.  The fairies will be quite pleased with all their efforts.

Sidebar: The swallows have moved back into to the cliff of Fossil Mountain and it is incredible! We took a breather and just watched them go about their day.

On the way back, we followed one of our brand new trails (thanks Rad Adventures!) through Maple Forest and got a peak at some newly accessible areas to us.   We eventually dove off trail and stumbled upon a brand new space we aptly named Spiky Forest.  We were treated to trout lilies and garlic mustard along the way to tide us over until we made it back for lunch.

After a picnic lunch we had some (optional) barefoot time!  It’s such a great way for us to connect to nature, and your kids might have some dirty soles tonight.  We read one of our favourite books (Everyone Needs a Rock – Byrd Baylor) and then went on a search to find the perfect stone.  These rocks became our students gratitude rocks – ask them about it!

We slowed down at the end of the day and took some time to be quiet in nature and focus on senses other than sight, after which it was time for our Story of the Day (debrief).

Enjoy this awesome weather!


Matt and Krista

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