I speak for the trees!

What a beautiful day we had with our Chickadees on Tuesday at FNS!

After our ceremonial cleansing smudge and morning circle, we started our day with wonderful and imaginative play in the snow that led to us chasing one another, following tracks of all of our animal friends, and building forts, tunnels and fires. During our snack break, we read one of Dr. Seuss’ classic environmental stories, The Lorax. To our surprise, students were determined to trap their very own Bar-Ba-Loot, the bear-like creatures that live in the forest filled with Truffula Trees. Everyone was so curious about the Bar-Ba-Loot because although we have never seen one before, we take good care of our trees at FSFNS so we knew they must be in the area! So students went to work drawing their designs and figuring out all of the necessary equipment before creating their very own Bar-Ba-Loot trap using pulley systems, ropes and a bucket! We checked it often and were ecstatic to discover that one must have come to visit, but was able to escape during lunch break! How exciting! We followed its tracks around for a while – but weren’t able to see it!  If your child is keen to build a Bar-Ba-Loot trap at home, this might be why! Let us know if you have any sightings…

Thankfully, these kids care a WHOLE awful lot!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”
― Dr. Seuss

After lunch, we were joined by our new Tuesday (and Thursday) teacher, Aislinn, and her two wonderful puppies!  We spent the afternoon snowshoeing to Lakeside Campsite, where we played on the thick ice, built another fire and enjoyed some ice cream! That’s right – Ice Cream!  We used some especially fresh and clean snow, coconut milk, vanilla and a touch of maple syrup. It turned out better than we thought and was a nice treat around our closing fire too!

What an exceptional day we had playing and learning together!

Matt and Kim

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