Ice Fishing!

Hi Folks!

What a fun week we had learning about ice safety and ice fishing! We had the opportunity to explore the big pond at Bygone Days and were thankful that the ice was thick enough to allow us to try our hand at ice fishing! In fact, it was SO thick that we could technically drive on it, if we wanted to!

Though we didn’t have much luck catching anything until the very last day, students seemed to really enjoy the experience and were all keen to use the auger and look down the holes! We had all sorts of equipment – tip ups, mini rods, handmade stick rods and more! A huge thank you to our friend Mark who brought in a pop-up camo hut for us to use on Friday! This dark hut allowed us to watch the fish swim by (at least most of them!) the glowing hole and it made for some real entertainment! Their focus was incredible and the loud cheers in unison felt like they were watching the Olympic Gold Medal Game! It was very exciting!

With the wonderful amount of snow we have at our FNS home-base, students worked hard to create, build and destroy all sorts of projects around camp. Great teamwork and collaboration always unfold from these student-led experiences.

Thanks parents for providing all sorts of proper gear this week – with ice fishing comes a sneaky sort of wet and our students were able to enjoy this experience because of all of the gear you helped pack! So thank you!

And a big shout-out to all of our bead recipients this week! Students are eagerly working hard for various beads and it’s creating such a fabulous and tight-knit FNS community!

See you next week!

Matt and Kim
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