Winter Wrap-up

Hey Folks!

We had a great wrap-up to our Winter session this week, with pretty much blue bird skies all week long! As we explored and played, we reminisced about the past couple months and shared our favourite memories – turns out we did quite a bit over the winter session!  Here are some highlights from our week:

We celebrated Mardi Gras this week on Tuesday with some pancakes over the fire, complete with Maple Syrup made on-site from last year (and are eagerly anticipating working the sugar shack when we return!).

A huge pile of snow also became the backdrop of a newly invented game – Arctic Fox.  Think “camouflage” and “red light/green light” with a massive, sneaky twist.

We also put up our trail cam this week in hopes of capturing some of the wildlife we are always tracking along our adventures.  Stay tuned for pictures of that!

The trading blanket was a huge success and we are looking forward to doing it again at the end of the Spring Semester.  What’s a trading blanket?  Read more here.

We made wonderful and unbelievable stories with our new set of story rocks!

Our Chickadees also got an answer in the mailbox from the fairies, along with a potion to help them see all the magic in the Forest – and it worked!

Along with fires (some started with magnifying glasses!), play, exploration, tracking and lots of birds coming out, we had a fun week and great send off for our Winter Warriors.  Enjoy the March  Break and see you soon!


Kim and Matt


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