Trading Blanket, Skating and, naturally, a Zip Line.

Hey Folks!

Well Winter certainly made its presence felt this week and our students embraced it full on!  Along with regular core routines and our wandering adventures, we had a special week where some students went skating on the pond, some built zip lines and others set up feeders to help us get even more intimate with the wildlife.

This week we also introduced a new concept and idea to our students we like to call the “trading blanket”.   Over the course of the program, students will use their tinker time to create something they are willing trade to with another at the end of the Winter session.  This can be anything – well anything, that is, within a few parameters.

Items must:
Be handmade/found in Nature
Be made of mostly natural materials
Cost nothing to make; except for effort!
Be done (almost) entirely at FNS (unless they are really keen and want to work at home)

This could be something carved or whittled (spoon, chopsticks, butter knives, bowls, animals), clay creatures or cups, woven baskets, paintings, dream catchers, poetry, fire kits, pressed flowers… the list goes on.  We are excited to see the what our students (and teachers!) come up with.

When the day comes to trade, students will place their item(s) on the blanket, give us their best sales pitch or creation story, and then bargain with other students/teachers to create an exchange.  If by chance the item they bring now means too much them to give away, or there’s nothing they want to trade for, it can always be removed from the blanket.  And of course – this is all optional right from the beginning – though we are encouraging everyone to try!

So why do this?
There are a number of reasons! And while historical connections will be made, our main focus is connection with self, others, and the natural world.  This type of activity develops relationship, gives value to time and effort, mastery of skills, fosters creativity and planning and so much more.   We’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Your FNS team




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