More mud, Maps and Bunny Seeds!

Hey Everyone!

Our Chickadees spent the beautiful sunny day doing what we do best: exploring!  After our core routines (and some hammock time, loose parts, and slacklining) we headed out to our sit spots, only to be sidetracked by emergent interests: climbing the tire mountain, making our way across the balance beam to the army crawl and up and over the “portal of discovery” and eventually over to Lakeside View.  And this is where the imaginations and building came together for a magical morning.

Building off last weeks Mud Meals, students created a new “oven” ( an old cabinet flipped on its side with drawn on burners and wood chip buttons).  A quick run back to the school house and we had pots, trays, spoons and spatulas.  Next thing we knew we were treated to “Chocolate Soup” and Sumac candle Mud Cake complete with a stellar rendition of Happy Birthday!

All that work made us hungry, and after lunch, during our unstructured play, the wind blew us something special: a secret map!  We followed the map to find hidden eggs the Easter Bunny had left filled with vegetable seeds!  So we planted them and took them home to see what we can grow.

Have a happy Easter Everybody!

Matt and Sandi

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  1. Lois Betts says:

    Yummy ‘Chocolate soup!’

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