Pirates, Dragonglass and Archeologists

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Now, at Forest School, we learn to love all sorts of weather – rain, snow and even hail – but when we get a beautiful sunny day like we had with our Chickadees today, we just had to take advantage.  It didn’t take long during our initial free play for gloves to come off and coats to get thrown to the ground.  Students had a fun time hiding treasure and finding the elusive and rare “dragon-glass” (a thin layer of puddle ice).

Afterwards during our check-in today where students share how they are feeling, why, and any goals they have, our plan was laid out right in front of us.  One student made it her goal to find some dinosaur bones.  And suddenly, that became everyone’s goal.  So we strapped on “construction” helmets, got out the magnifying glasses, brushes and shovels and were on our way.  And while we didn’t find any bones, we uncovered all sorts of cool things including some fossils!  Other students enjoyed building a new natural shelter, which included their very own sandbox inside.  We love the creativity!

Afterwards, we traded in our construction helmets for bandanas and built a pirate ship, complete with flag!  Students painted the ship, which turned into a friendly pirate ship spreading love around the world.  We moved this ship to an area we call the “Fortress” where our kids got to climb all over the tree fort creations from our older groups last week.

Ah what fun we have!


Matt and Aislinn

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  1. Lois Betts says:

    I love it when one child comes up with their own adventure ‘finding dinosaur bones’ and then the other children want to follow along for the journey! Fantastic outdoor childhoods.

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