Fairy Homes, Rock Pets and Caterpillar Obstacle Courses.

Happy Tuesday! We had a great day with our Chickadee program today, and as the title suggests, we did a lot of building.

Right away, we watched imaginations come to life as an old driftwood root became a house for Fairies.  Equipped with a door, chimney, balcony, hot tub and much more,  students couldn’t get enough of finding places for all sorts of cool additions until it inevitably became a mansion for our magical friends.

While laying the “driveway” for the Fairy House, a surprise critter was uncovered – a woolly bear caterpillar.  This cascaded into a whole new adventure – “Let’s build a home for him!”  After trying to understand this creature a little better, counting its feet and realizing it was a pretty good climber, this home transformed turned into an obstacle course of pine cones and woodblocks.  And my oh my could it crawl and climb!

Students today were inspired by one of our favourite books Everybody needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor and before we knew it we were on an adventure to find a rock of our very own.  Taking advantage of the sun, we painted our rocks outside and later created pebble art of birds, caterpillars and ants.

And in between all that: more play, stories, music, hikes, games, fire making and more.  It sure was a creative day.


Matt and Kim

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