Kayak or Canoe…..


Hi Everyone,

We enjoyed another awesome field trip this week to the Beaver River located in Heathcote. This river is a local favourite of ours, especially if we want to see an abundance of wild life!


Each week at Forest School we are reminded of how much of a caring community we have, and field trips bring out the best in us! After our morning routines each class bounced into the vans anticipating the excitement of our last trip before summer break. Kayaking and Canoeing were the options for the day, and while some felt more comfortable leading their own boat, others took turns paddling and looking for wild life.  Some of the amazing finds were painted turtles, leeches, birds, frogs, slugs, toads, and snakes.

Our week also brought mixed weather, which didn’t slow anyone down! Within our afternoon our students took advantage of what the Heathcote property had to offer. Some students ate wild strawberries, worked on their slack lining skills, climbed the willow trees and had an epic frog hunt! Our students showed off their creativity by building lego towers and life sized lego men and  even created a student led game called “capture” (which was a huge hit). We also took a crack at attempting to solve  some of our wooden puzzles, which turns out are a lot harder than they look. 3 out of 5 were accomplished!

A HUGE thanks to Carley and Tamara for stepping in this week for Matt and Kim! We would love to have you back!

Next week – Helping hands!

See you next week!

Matt, Kim, Krista, Carley and Tamara

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  1. Rob Finley says:

    Looks like the kids had a LOT of fun, how awesome 🙂

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