Here for a good time, not a long time..

Hi Friends!

Our first semester of Forest School ended just the way it started, AMAZING. Our jam packed day consisted of our students using the skills, and knowledge they have obtained here at Forest School. “The Amazing Winter Race” started with us using a map to navigate ourselves to 7 different checkpoints, which consisted of various team-building activities, a crazy spider web, snow lava rock wall, and more mapping with our “Santa candy cane hunt”. We spent so much time today talking about our favourite memories, and what we are excitied about for the Spring.

This morning brought us back to Animal tracking week! Aaron had a keen eye with finding these bunny tracks right beside the Greenhouse.

Izzy was kind enough to bring in a very special rock to show the class before our amazing race. She called it a “Peacock Rock” This picture does not give the colour within the rock justice. Thank you Izzy for bringing in such a special rock to share with us.


We tested our memory with our Forest School matching game. Everything that we had talked about within class was brought up in this fun game. It was challenging for all of our students but everything was matched up by the end of it! Great job everyone you worked so hard!



Enjoying some active play over lunch, and letting our imaginations run wild! Did I mention we have some beautiful minds?


It’s a good thing we know how to read a map, or we would be walking in circles all day long! Our map took us all around our spacious Heathcote  property and let us create new memories to treasure, it’s pretty amazing where a map can take you.


Our last task was to create another fire! One fire was started by Alice, Jack and Emily. Our kids have gained the skills and knowledge to seek, build and start their own fires without any help at all! I am so proud of everyone and all their hard work. Finding down sticks under the snow isn’t easy.

I cannot thank you enough (parents and kids) for the incredible 1st Forest School semester we just had, and jumping into this program with me! We have crushed our goals,  gained knowledge,  confidence and budding friendships through our laughter and tears. We are looking forward to the all the new ones we make this Spring!

Check out our bonus pictures below!

Have a healthy, happy holiday everyone! See you in the New Year!




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