$40/day, session prepaid
8:45 AM – 3:30 PM

We can learn a lot from a Tamarack! They are hearty, resilient and flexible. They are fast growing and adaptive, ebbing and flowing with the changes of the season. They are unique and courageous in that they are the only conifer to reveal their true colours each year. They are interconnected and spread their roots wide, and sustain all sorts of life.

Our school thrives on mixed-aged groups as well as mentorship, and our Tamaracks are important LIT’s (leaders in training). They are the next generation of mentors and help mold our learning culture. Students are given a leadership role with our younger crews (Sparrows, Chickadees, or Painted Turtles). They work alongside teachers and are mentored in our unique approach to Forest and Nature School. Opportunities to cultivate resilience, learn new skills and discover their inner gifts will help our Tamaracks build their confidence, find their place in nature and uncover their strengths and passions.