What to wear

There’s a saying in the outdoor world: there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.  Learning can only happen when we are comfortable, so please ensure your child is set up for success!

2 winter hats
Balaclava or Neck warmer
2 pairs of warm, waterproof mitts
1 warm, waterproof snowsuit
1 set of warm, waterproof boots
3 base layers: thermal shirt and pants, middle layer, wool/fleece sweater (cotton not ideal for winter weather)
2 pairs warm wool socks
Extra clothing!

Spring and Fall:
See Summer list; and
warmer sweater or jacket for colder weather

Rain gear (waterproof boots, pants, jacket)
Long light pants, socks and shirt (tick prevention)
Running shoes
Sun hat
lightweight clothing (silk/cotton ideal)
water shoes (sandals, crocks)
bathing suit

All seasons:
Small backpack
Lunch and snacks
Water Bottle
Change of clothes (especially socks!)