School Trips

Book your class trip today!

Looking for an opportunity to get your class outside?

We offer single-day field trips at our Collingwood location. We incorporate a wide variety of activities throughout the year, where programs can be suited to your class’ needs and desired goals.

Following our  FNS ethos we strive to allow for student-led, emergent learning while participating in exciting and engaging activities.  A typical day will have 5 stations.  Some of our customizable sample programs include, but are not limited to:

Pond Study
Sit Spots
Meditative Forest Walk
Fire Building
Knots and Shelters
Teambuilding Initiatives
Loose Parts
Fun with Tools

Our programs are creatively designed to meet your needs and be tied to your curriculum expectations. Our Educators are passionate about Outdoor Ecological, Environmental and Experiential Education, and are all qualified teachers, ECE’s and/or Forest School Practitioners.

Interested in something more long-term?

Try out our multi-week long, one day a week immersive program (limited availability).  We believe in the need and benefits of repetitive outdoor exposure for children to foster a love, appreciation and relationship with the land.  Let us help create and implement a program that meets your goals.

Our outdoor education programs are educational, engaging and fun! Students also benefit from a low student to facilitator ratio (usually one instructor to 10 students, or less).