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This holiday season more than ever we encourage you to consider supporting local businesses when buying gifts!  Between our students, teachers, parents and other members of our school community, we’ve got a lot of talent!  Below, we’ve compiled a list of peoples businesses, projects and side gigs for you to consider this year!

Follow the links to find out more info on any given item – some can even be delivered and picked up at our schools.  If you’d like your business or product added to this list, please send us an email at Thanks in advance for supporting your neighbours!



Handmade eco-conscious artwork and more!!!

Check it out on Instagram @ashelavart


Since our doors first opened in 1993, Canadian Pet Connection has always been a proudly independent and family owned pet industry leader. What began as one brick and mortar store located in Oakville, Ontario, evolved into two retail locations and a Canada-wide distribution warehouse. We have now grown away from the retail businesses in Oakville, and are a 24 hour online store. Our new retail outlet store opened in Meaford, Ontario in September of 2017.

Find & buy the best pet products in Canada online | Canadian Pet Connection


Matt and Kim have combined their love of Nature with storytelling and written a couple books – There’s a lot of Noise in Silence and, new this Fall, The Pink-Capped Chickadee.


*Can be delivered to the school locations*


Join Tamara (certified Forest Therapy guide) in the woodlands along the Niagara Escarpment to enhance your health, wellness and happiness. Together with the forest she will offer a variation of invitations adapted to the natural surroundings. These activities make room for sensory experiences, presence, stillness, listening (to self & others) and more.

More info: Tamara (@forest_therapy_walks_with_t)


Welcome to our backyard, where we’ve inadvertently been feeding foxes since 2017. Currently, we’ve got local, unpasteurized honey for sale.  500 g for $10, 1 Kg for $15.


*Can be delivered to the school locations*



Authentic Argentine Culinary Experience!

Website: Loco Empanadas


At Metal Moments we turn metal into art work! All pieces are hand stamped by me so no two pieces are alike. Let us tell YOUR story!

I create hand stamped jewelry, accessories and home decor (my most popular being wind chimes) as well as machine engraved pieces.
For more info:
Personalized Jewelry Hand Stamped Jewelry by MetalMomentsYYZ (
Metal Moments | Facebook
Instagram @metalmomentsytz



Hi my name is Heather and I am an Independent Distributor for SweetLegs! Let me hook you up with these soft, comfortable leggings!

Check it out here on Facebook



When Everything Falls Apart is a trilogy of books built around a single event — the collapse of the majority of the world’s electrical grids. The trilogy is the story of a family and their struggle to survive in a world without power. Brian and Karen are in the midst of mid-life crises, their marriage falling apart, the things that used to drive them suddenly without meaning. It’s bad time for a second pregnancy, a bad time for Brian to quit his job and build an off-grid house in the country. And then the power goes out. And stays out. When a massive solar flare knocks out the world’s electrical grids, Brian, an extremely pregnant Karen and their 8-year-old daughter Robin find themselves in the middle of a city that is wholly unprepared for an emergency of this magnitude.

Website: When Everything Falls Apart



The Wildest Pine is my passion project I pursue outside of my regular full-time outdoor teaching job. The umbrella that The Wildest Pine has become has allowed me to express my creative artistic side and love of nature. It all started with my love of beach rock and crystals coming together in the form of mixed media nature art. After a few years of making my crystal trees I branched out into making macrame as a mindfulness meditation and propagating house plants because my home has become a rainforest. The Wildest Pine finds so much joy in sharing these natural energies with others.

Facebook: The wildest pine

*Can be delivered to the school locations*


I love the mystical, whimsical and enchanted. I am wild, free and me. I engage with all kinds of art for fun and to heal my heart and wounds. I am open to trying all mediums of art. Please send me a message through instragram or to my email for inquires or to give or receive inspiration!

Instagram: Whimsical_Tinkerer

*Can be delivered to the school locations*


Emotional Intelligence for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers

My name is Laura(she/her) and I am a mother of two, a wife, and a lover of emotional intelligence.

I battled hour-long tantrums with my first born weekly, if not more, when she was a toddler, and I questioned myself and my parenting skills daily. I came to realize that I didn’t know how to manage my own emotions, let alone help my daughter manage hers, and I didn’t care for myself properly because I was always caring for others. I also didn’t even know myself – my true self.

My journey led me to find who I really am, and to learn everything I can about emotional intelligence so that I can raise mentally healthy children. And my passion is bringing others into the awareness that YOU are important, too. Each and every one of you. In order to raise, teach, and care for emotionally intelligent children, we need to start with caring for our own selves.

Website: Your Best Self



Forest School T-shirts – $20/each
Shirt Sizes available: YOUTH XS, S, M, L, XL (Small sold out!)

FNS Winter Buffs – $20/each

All money goes to support our bursary fund. Email:

*Can be delivered to the school locations*