Fibers and Flame

Oct 14th, 2023
1 – 4PM


You’re invited to take a deep dive into the tiny world of fibers and their relationship to fire. In this workshop we will experiment and play with the natural fibers of plants during their fall cycles, and reveal some of those tiny secrets that make such a big difference in starting a fire. Instructor, Nick Fooks, will be demonstrating with both ferrosidium as well as natural flint and steel methods. There is a strong chance that fire by friction will also be practiced during this workshop, but is not planned to be a focus. In this workshop you will experience an embodied knowledge as we identify, harvest, store, and ignite different flora from the land beneath our feet.

We all have a relationship with fire, this workshop holds space for those who want to learn and those who wish to share. We thank all who step into the circle.