While we do come into each day with a plan, as an emergent-based and student-led program it is difficult to have a set schedule.  With child passions at the forefront, new opportunities and changing weather it’s hard to say what each day will bring.  However, over the course of our session we aim to touch on the following core principles*:

Hazards: A call to be Alert and Use Common Sense
Motivating Species: Things to Catch, Eat, Climb and Tend
Mammals: And other hard to see, yet totally trackable critters
Plants: Nature’s Grocery Store and Medicine Cabinet
Ecological Indicators: How it all works together
Heritage Species: Wisdom of the Ancestors
Trees: Tools of Human Survival
Birds: The messengers of the Wilderness*

*Adopted from Coyote’s Guide to Connecting with Nature – Young, Haas and McGown