Last Year’s Sunshine

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Hey Folks!

We finished off our Winter Session with an awesome week full of fun! With the quick snow melt and warm weather, our little river is raging and constantly changing.  Students had so much fun in and around it this week from setting up dams that beavers would be envious of to carving out a course and getting out the tools to create boats for an epic race, and as the perfect backdrop for other stories and play.  And while we had the inevitable soakers, it was totally worth it for the fun! 

We also dove deeper into the Maple Syrup process as we collected the sap from the trees that were tapped last week and boiled it in the evaporator.  Students tended their trees and were part of the process the whole way (from fire building to taste testing!) and we ended up with enough syrup (so far!) for everyone to take some home.  An even better payoff for the hard work were some pancakes over the fire smothered in “last year’s sun” (because that is [last years sun captured by the leaves, stored in the roots as starch and then given back as sugar to the new buds in the Spring] what this year’s syrup is!).

Speaking of eating, we got close and personal with the remnants of a feast this week as we found the forest floor littered with Owl Pellets!  These regurgitated masses of undigested bones and fur made for an amazing (albeit a little gross) scavenger hunt.   The prize?  Pulling apart and dissecting them to see what was inside.  From the contents, students were able to identify the skulls mostly as mice!

And that’s a wrap for the session – what a great one it has been!

See you in the Spring!

Matt, Krista and Emily

PS As we enter the next few weeks, there is some uncertainty.  We are committed (as always) to providing safe outdoor programming for our kids and wanted to let you know that we are working with a network of experts and other outdoor schools to develop emerging principles and policies in response to the new realities of COVID-19.  As a result we have taken a number of precautions and for updates on our programming status, please refer to our Status Page here

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