Over the Snow and Through the Mud

Emily W/ March 10, 2020/ FSFNS Blog, Maple Syrup, Winter Fun/ 0 comments

Over the remaining snowbanks and through the mud, to Maple Forest we went!

The sap was dripping, the river was flowing, that earthy spring smell was in the air! Just as the plants are preparing for their spring emergence, our chickadees were highly energized (despite Sundays time change!). Maybe it was the full moon, or the winds of change blowing through the forest, whatever the reason they were ready for a mighty adventure!

After an engaging tale about the last wolf in the woods (be sure to ask what that wold needs from us!), and a big snack, we were off. We made good time at the beginning of our hike, but naturally got distracted by a pile of snow that looked a lot like a ship. All aboard!

The next leg of our journey took us over a snowy mountain, through muddy tracks, around and into some puddles. Jumping, sliding, skipping, rolling, walking and crawling were all modes of transportation employed. The final bit of the trek was perhaps the most difficult, as the closer we got to the forest, the more snow we encountered. However their wee legs were strong and with a few breaks, we were finally surrounded by the magic of Maple Forest.

The search for the fullest bucket quickly ensued. When a bit of sap was discovered in a bucket, it was carefully transported to the sugar shack and poured into the boiler. While the chickadees were keen for syrup right away, we talked about the process and they happily gathered the buckets to contribute, and we even got to tap our own maple tree! Luckily we did get to taste some of last years syrup.

Another feature of the forest that looked quite different from our last visit was the river! Melt water was flowing, adding spectacular sights and sounds to our exploring. Imaginations were ignited and using long sticks, the “fish” (large leaf clumps) that were flowing down the river were caught.

Thank you for a fantastic winter semester Chickadees! You are adventurous, curious and kind to one another and nature. We hoped you enjoyed the winter as much as we did exploring it with you!

Enjoy your March Break 🙂

-Emily & Krista



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