Welcome Back!

Hi Friends,

We hope everyone had a pleasant holiday and memorable new year. We were super excited to hear all about our students new stories and adventures they got up to on their break.

This morning we welcomed new and familiar faces to our morning circle. Our students were also engrossed with our new forest and discoveries were all around us. We used our mighty strength and climbed up very slippery hills, with the reward of sliding down penguin or bum style. We made bridges to help walk across fish filled creeks, gathered natural objects, explored layers of snow/ice chucks and started new shelters.

Our afternoon brought reindeer sleigh rides through our new forest (lucky sanata’s in that sleigh). Some of our students discovered some ice, which might not seem like much but we love moments like these. They bring so much curiosity and discovery such as, the size and shape of the ice patch, the frozen footprints hidden under the snow, what happens when a rock and ice come into contact (smash!).

We even took on the role of birds, chipmunks, squirrels and porcupines and climbed some trees (some for the very first time). This activity what doesn’t happen often for us, but is so beneficial for our young ones which builds their fine and gross motor skills, the child ventures close to their comfort zone boundaries, balance, patience, communication among so much more.

We had such a great day and look forward to seeing everyone next week for more adventures!

Krista and Travis



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