Welcome to Winter!

Welcome to winter at Free Spirit Forest and Nature School!

We hope everyone had a lovely holiday. We are so excited to be back at it, exploring the beautiful Canadian winter in the forest. The Chickadees were sure excited to get the adventures rolling this week, as we welcomed old and new faces. Our returning Chickadees were very welcoming to our new students, showing them around and readily inviting them into creative play.

The wolf of our imagination that snuck around Bygone Days in the fall is back! The chickadees were very brave, sneaking up to spy on where we thought he might be hiding, and running as fast as their legs could carry them when he was on the move. We created fishing rods to try and lure him out of his hiding places, and even got a bit distracted from the wolf catching the snow megalodon!

We tested out our strength and teamwork as a team of reindeers, pulling the blue sleigh on our adventures. Being in the sled was the most coveted position however each Chickadee attempted being a part of the reindeer team. It was a slow and steady caravan full of laughter and lots of falling in the snow! During this sleigh adventure we realized that the snow was good for packing. A miniature snow village with mountains, slides, tunnels, walls and robots was created with care and attention to detail (see photos below).

The tent was a perfect cozy spot for story time, and we also made some drawings of the critters from the stories. Imaginations were firing on all cylinders!

We are so happy to be back, looking forward to our adventures next week!

-Emily and Krista

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