Spring Fun (a lot of it!)

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Hey Folks! We’ve been busy enjoying the warmer temperatures and exciting changes that Spring brings!  Here’s a few of the highlights over the past weeks. Carving Tool-use is a big part of FNS, and with the warmer temps, we are seeing an increased interested in creating wood projects.  We love the creativity and the projects we see developing around the campfire during down time.  With only a couple months until

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Building Community… One Stick at a Time

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Hey Folks! This week our students got really excited about creating communities in different areas of our forests to stake a claim and create a personal village for each group.  After a quick recap and learning about three basic survival shelters (Lean-to, Teepee and Debris), we chose a place on the map and headed out to let our creations come to life.  The groups worked well together creating forts, stores,

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Birds on the Brain!

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One of our favourite things about the Spring is all the bird action that happens around us.  We’ve been really focused on this lately as we try to tap into these messengers of the forest.  The abundance of song and chatter has helped our students practice “sneaking” through the woods by minimizing their disturbance  while growing their awareness.  It’s been great jumping into to animals forms and channeling the energy

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